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challenge: feel the heat

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Angels, are you ready for a challenge? WITH  prizes to be WON!🎁 And trust me they are FABULOUS!

4 weeks 4 challenges — we’ve got this!!

‘Feel The Heat' Challenge starts on Monday 5th July LIVE at 9am on ‘The Lottie Method’! If you can’t make it LIVE, don’t worry it will be saved to the workout library in the ‘Challenge: Feel the Heat’ section.

To take part in the challenge with me:

💥 Do the 4 challenges — a new challenge every week

💥 Additional mini workouts for you weekly

💥 Take photos/note your progressions

💥 Post on your stories your participation or message me privately

💥 Most importantly….have FUN!!

Angels, who’s joining me and The Lottie Method Team with the challenge? 🏆

Each week you will have a new challenge to focus on and you will receive mini additional workouts/daily challenge to do in your own time throughout the week.

This week we are bringing the HEAT with our Cardio challenge.

Weekly Daily Challenge

Do this mini workout 5 X a week.

3-5 Rounds (Challenge yourself, you can do it)

Week 1 Cardio Challenge

  • 30 Reps Jumping Jacks
  • 30 Secs Fast Sprints
  • 30 Secs Mountain Climbers

Week 2 Plank Challenge - Arm & Abs

  • 30 Full Sit Up With 4 Cross Punches At The Top
  • 10 Press Ups
  • 30 Secs Tricep Dips
  • LAST SET ONLY - 30 Secs Plank hold (increase by 10 seconds each day)

Week 3 Squat Challenge - Lower Body

  • 30 Secs High Knee Sprints
  • 30 Secs Hip Thrusts (bodyweight or you can add weights for the extra burn.
  • 30 Reps (15 reps each leg) Alternating Jumping Lunges or Reverse Lunges

Week 4 Full body Challenge

  • 10 Reps Each Leg - Single Leg Glute Bridge
  • 30 Secs Slow Eccentric Push Up In Full Plank Or On Your Knees (in a push up position, lower down slowly towards the floor over 4-5 secs, then make your way back up to the starting position, whether from a push up or pushing back to you knees and getting up how is most comfortable for you)
  • 30 Secs Wide Sprints On The Spot