If I miss a LIVE workout can I catch up?
Yes, of course. The LIVE workouts will be at the scheduled time. However, if you miss the workout have no fear as you can always catch up in the workout library.
How many times can I repeat a workout?
As many times as you would like! All the workouts will be saved to the workout library, so you can come back and do the workouts, anytime, any day, and anywhere.
How many workouts do I get a week with
‘The Lottie Method’?
You will always get a minimum of 3 workouts a week.
What are the types of memberships?
There are two types of memberships: Weekly and Monthly. Both allow you access to all the LIVE workouts and feature the workout library section where you can catch up on previous workouts for that period of your membership.
How soon after the LIVE workout will it be available On-Demand?
It will be available within 1 hour after the LIVE workout has finished.
Who can take part in ‘The Lottie Method’?
‘The Lottie Method’ is for absolutely everyone. You can be new to working out or experienced, as these workouts will help motivate and challenge all. So beginner, intermediate or advanced, alternatives are always given. ‘The Lottie Method’ is for any gender and age, but for any medical concerns, seek advice from your GP before starting the method.
What types of workouts are on offer and also what
is the timetable?
All workout times are displayed in the schedule and ‘The Lottie Method’ offers an array of workouts to get you feeling motivated and challenge the body and mind.
How can I get 1-1 personal training with you?
For personal training sessions with me, please fill in the form here to enquire.
If I do the ‘5 Day Free Trial’ do I have to enter card details and will I automatically start a ‘Full-Access Membership’ once my trial has finished?
No card details are required for the FREE trial. You will only register your name and email to start your account. Once your trial has ended you with be asked whether you wish to join the ‘Full-Access Membership’.
Does the ‘Full-Access Membership’ automatically renew?
Yes, this is a rolling monthly contract. So unless you cancel, your £20 membership fee will be taken each month.


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