What is included with 'The Lottie Method'?
Training Plans, Nutritional Plans, Realtime Workouts and regular check-ins with Lottie-Daisy.
What if I’m not satisfied with my plan?
The Lottie Method is 100% dedicated and focused on each client. If you are not satisfied with your plan, we will discuss it together and make adjustments to make sure your plan works for you.
How many workouts do I get a week with ‘The Lottie Method’?
This will depend on what your goals are.
Who can take part in ‘The Lottie Method’?
‘The Lottie Method’ is for absolutely everyone. You can be new to working out or experienced; these plans will help motivate and challenge all. ‘The Lottie Method’ is for any gender and age, but for any medical concerns, seek advice from your GP before starting the method.
How can I get 1-1 personal training with you?
For personal training sessions with Lottie-Daisy, please fill in the form here to enquire.
How much does 'The Lottie Method' plan cost?
The price will vary depending on how long you commit to the method. All prices are discussed individually, so please enquire to find out more.
How is payment made?
Payment is taken automatically every 4 weeks by a highly secure payment system.
Do you cater for all dietary requirements with the nutritional plan?
Of course! Once you have signed up with ‘The Lottie Method’ you will be sent a questionnaire, which will enable me to understand more about your preferences, likes and dislikes, and dietary requirements. So each nutritional plan will be perfect for you.
Does ‘The Lottie Method’ training plan include Gym and Home workouts?
Yes. It will depend on your preferred style of training and your access to equipment — but don’t worry everyone is catered for.
How will you monitor my results?
We use an in-chat feature to monitor and strive towards your goals. We will both be able to see your progress through measurements, images and most importantly, how you are feeling.


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